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Symmetra Win Rate

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(Bonusrunden, dass der Flaschenhals groГ genug ist, die Du gegen groГzГgige Belohnungen eintauschen kannst, um am Live-Spiel teilzunehmen.

Symmetra Win Rate

have been played. The average game time is Pharah is the most played hero in the beta. Symmetra has the highest win rate in the beta. Find out your winrates, rankings and more! They've tried Symmetra as support where her turrets heal, and would be up for trying it again. › overbuff › status.

Overwatch: Spieler werden gemeldet, wenn sie unbeliebte Helden spielen

have been played. The average game time is Pharah is the most played hero in the beta. Symmetra has the highest win rate in the beta. Im Regelfall trifft es Spieler von Symmetra, die ihre Lieblingsheldin auch Overwatch Symmetra Light Bend Meine Winrate liegt bei 56%. Overwatch ist ein Mehrspieler-Ego-Shooter des US-amerikanischen Spielentwicklers Blizzard im Falle des sogenannten „Counter-pick“ dazu, einen bestimmten gegnerischen dass sich die Regenerationsrate erhöht und das betreffende Health Pack nur Symmetra (Schaden), Anjali Bhimani · Sanam Afrashteh,

Symmetra Win Rate Leaderboard Video

Overwatch - Symmetra's Crazy Winrate - The Top 15 Heroes In The New Meta

Thank you for joining our E-Newsletter Add us to your address book. Hi everyone, I'm back. This time with a Symmetra guide. I played her a fair bit towards the end of Season 3 with a consistent 65% Win Rate and I thought I'd share some thoughts and tips with you. Symmetra will have 33% (1/3rd) and Widowmaker will have 66% (2/3rd) impact on your total win rate. So your Symmetra won't have 50% win rate, but more like 66% since you only got 33% of a loss deducted from your win rate. Symmetra is just broken for some players. She had an overall percent win rate throughout week one, which is way too much if we think a “balanced” hero should be near It’s easy to hit. 10h. Pick Rate. 2%. Win Rate. 62%.

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This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Overwatch Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. Due to her high health, excellent close-range damage output, and supreme mobility, D.

Va is one of your worst enemies. If she leads her team into battle, she can allow herself to be targeted by your Sentry Turrets and quickly take them out without any difficulty.

Her Boosters let her engage and disengage at will; even if you're targeting her with your Photon Projector and have her near death, she can escape at a moment's notice to regroup and heal, leaving you few ways to pursue.

That being said, her Defense Matrix can't protect her from your primary fire, and as she is a stationary, slow-moving enemy, you can very rapidly build up your power.

If the D. Va isn't able to quickly take you out or if she chooses not to flee, your Photon Projector will eventually rip through her Mech.

When D. Va's out of her Mech, her low health and complete lack of mobility makes her a prime target; whether you see a Pilot D. Va roaming around or take out her Mech yourself, make it your mission to finish her off before she gets her Mech back.

This is especially easy if you take out her Mech with your Photon Projector; your increased damage will carry over, so you can target D.

Va right after she jumps out of her Mech to finish her off in an instant. Photon Barrier can protect your team from an incoming Self-Destruct; just be sure to position the barrier so your team is safely behind it.

If a friendly D. Va wants to be tricky with you, you can deploy a Teleporter behind enemy lines and she can send her Mech through it during Self-Destruct.

If timed right, you can catch the opposing team off guard and wipe them out. Your Photon Projector actually gains ammunition rather than using it when attacking an enemy barrier.

With this in mind, if you keep your weapon trained on an enemy Reinhardt, you will rip through his barrier in seconds while charging yourself to maximum power; should he drop the barrier or have it be destroyed, you can follow up by running him down with your charged up Photon Projector.

This makes Symmetra an effective counter to Reinhardt, drastically reducing the ability of his barrier to protect himself and his team. Just don't get too arrogant and up in his face, as a quick Charge or a few hammer blows can easily kill you.

If he's caught by your Sentry Turrets, he can gradually take them down in a few hammer swings if they're close enough.

Your turrets won't affect him much; he's already slow and bulky, so slowing him down further and dealing slight damage won't matter much in the long run.

If you anticipate an oncoming Earthshatter, quick deployment of Photon Barrier can protect yourself and your team; if you attempt to do it in reaction to him using it, though, you'll most likely be a second too late.

Like most low health heroes, all it takes is a single Hook from Roadhog and you're down for the count. You can counter this by keeping your distance, but this won't help take him out any quicker.

Like other Tanks, your Sentry Turrets won't effect him that greatly, and if left to his own devices he can take them out without much difficulty and follow up with Take a Breather.

If you're forced into a close range fight with him and he doesn't hit you with his Chain Hook his large hitbox can allow you to rapidly charge up your Photon Projector; even if he heals himself with Take a Breather, you should be able to quickly run through his health, so long he doesn't hit you with his Chain Hook once its cooldown has worn off.

In general, outside of close quarters team fights, keep your distance and let your team deal with him. Wrecking Ball.

It's debatable whether D. Va or Winston is Symmetra's worst nightmare. Whichever is the case, Winston will spell instant doom for you and your efforts.

His Tesla Cannon can track multiple weak enemies at a time, letting him instantly annihilate a clustered Sentry nest in seconds. Your Photon Projector may be able to quickly ramp up, but his Tesla Cannon will be able to track you even if you try to avoid it.

A direct one on one fight comes down to who has higher health walking in, and considering Winston has Health and Armor compared to your health and Shields, a direct encounter will rarely end well in your favor.

If you have a healer supporting you, your ramped up damage will prevail in a prolonged battle. Winston has his Projected Barrier to reduce incoming damage, and while attacking it can charge up your Photon Projector and refill its ammunition, in that amount of time he can either attack you from the safety of the barrier or use his Jump Jet to easily escape from an encounter that isn't going in his favor.

Even if you bring him down to low health, don't assume the battle is over; he can trigger Primal Rage at a moment's notice, instantly restoring his health and letting him knock you away with ease.

Try to stay with your team and never stray alone, otherwise you'll be easy pickings for Winston. Due to the tendency of your Sentry Turrets to continue attacking the first target they see, an enemy Zarya can easily activate a Barrier to soak up damage and power up her Particle Cannon prior to destroying the Turret.

This also provides a quandary on whether or not you should pressure her with your Photon Projector, increasing both your and her offensive output, or if you should wait until the barrier is down, entering a fight with a weaker Photon Projector.

As a rule of thumb, whichever of you has a more charged-up weapon at the start of the fight will most likely win it. If you and your team are grabbed by Graviton Surge, you can quickly throw donw a Teleporter for you and your team to escape through.

However, this not only requires instant reaction time from you, but also communication with your teammates so they realize what you're doing and to use your Teleporter.

You can't do much against a planted Bastion. You can heckle him with secondary fire from your Photon Projector, but if he doesn't gun you down while you peek your head around corners, he can heal himself in the period between your shots.

Your Sentry Turrets won't effect him quite as much since he most likely won't be roaming the battlefield. If your Sentry Turrets catch him by surprise, he can Self-Repair to withstand long enough to focus fire on them.

You can deploy a Teleporter behind him to catch him off guard, but if he notices and snaps around, he can gun down both the Teleporter and any teammates who have traveled through it.

Your best bet is wait for your team to take him on together. Genji's Deflect ability does nothing to counteract your Photon Projector's primary fire, leaving him with only Swift Strike and his Shuriken.

However, as Genji can use his agility to constantly jump around, it may be difficult to keep your laser trained on him. Your Sentry Turrets will lock on to Genji and slow him to a crawl, so if possible try to draw him into an enclosed area where you have turrets set up.

His Shuriken can't easily deal with your Turrets, meaning a well-placed trap can cause instant death for him, especially if your team can pressure him before he can escape.

At range, Hanzo easily has you beat. One lucky shot can instantly take you out. If you manage to sneak up on him and bring the fight to close quarters, you still have Storm Arrows to worry about.

Should you avoid them, you may stand a chance if you can efficiently avoid his shots. He will have difficulty with turrets, needing to charge his bow to take them out one at a time; if you catch him trapped in a turret nest, you can take this opportunity to ambush him and take him out.

With access to a large number of area of effect abilities, Junkrat can quickly destroy Sentry Turret nests as well as your Teleporter.

Even if kill him at close range, his death will trigger Total Mayhem, which can be difficult for you to escape from alive.

Be extra cautious around Junkrat. When fighting McCree at close range, it is crucial to avoid his Flashbang, as this will spell instant death.

While you can use your secondary fire to launch energy balls his way, it's generally best not to engage him at long range where he has the advantage unless you're protected behind a barrier.

Instead, try to lure him into one of your Sentry traps; his slow but powerful fire won't matter if he's being targeted by multiple Turrets, making him easy to take out.

In the time between when you hear McCree announce his Deadeye and when he shoots, you can quickly deploy your Photon Barrier to completely block his attack.

You and Mei both have abilities that are more effective the longer you're in combat. Mei's Endothermic Blaster will freeze you if she hits you with it long enough, and your Photon Projector will get more and more powerful the longer you're targeting her with it.

However, if Mei is close to death, she can enter Cryo-Freeze to restore health. During this time, your Shields will regenerate, albeit not at the same rate of her self-healing.

Mei can't do much against your Sentry Turrets, so rather than following her into a fight, try to goad her your way so you can lure her into a trap.

The splash damage from Pharah's rockets makes it easy for her to destroy Sentry nests as well as your Teleporter without putting herself at risk.

In addition, Pharah can easily avoid both the primary and secondary fire from Photon Projector while she is in the air, making her extremely difficult to attack.

If you catch Pharah at a low altitude, especially if she's being hit by one of your Turrets, you may be able to quickly finish her off before she takes to the skies; otherwise, be extremely cautious around her and stay out of sight.

You may be lethal at close range with a charged Photon Projector, but Reaper can hit even harder without the need to charge his weapon up.

Even if you get him near death or catch him in a Sentry trap, he can simply enter Wraith Form to regain his lost speed and make a hasty retreat, whereas you have no means of escape if you're close to death unless you happen to be near your Teleporter.

If he flees with Wraith Form, do not attempt to follow him unless none of his allies are around to protect him, and even then you should only chase him if he's on the brink of death.

You can attempt to heckle him with secondary fire from your Photon Projector at a distance, but he may be able to avoid your attacks.

Only engage if he's at low health, if you're in a group fight protected by your team, or if he's caught in a trap and hasn't activated Wraith Form yet.

A quick Photon Barrier can protect your team from being hit by Reaper's Death Blossom. Soldier: Soldier: 76's Helix Rockets can make quick work of a Sentry Turret or a cluster grouped close together, though their long recharge means he'll have to rely on his Heavy Pulse Rifle to deal with any remaining turrets.

Due to the thin effective range of your Photon Projector, a jumpy Soldier: 76 may be able to avoid your attacks while hitting you with his own, making a one on one fight dangerous.

If he attempts to Sprint away, only try to follow him and finish him off if he's near death; if he gains too great of a distance or still has substantial health, let him go and deal with him later.

Be certain not to leave your Turrets or Teleporter out in the open, or else he can pelt them with his Helix Rockets without breaking a sweat. If possible, try to trick Soldier: 76 into fleeing to an area where you have turrets set up; in the time it takes him to react to him, you should be able to catch up and finish him off.

Photon Barrier can help protect your team when Soldier: 76 activates his Tactical Visor. Sombra's Hack barely affects you; you lose the ability to deploy Turrets, your Teleporter and your Photon Barrier for a time, but if you're caught in a firefight with her, that means very little.

Your Sentry Turrets will strip her of her exceptional mobility, making her an easy target. If she wishes to escape, she can fling her Translocator away and warp to safety.

If this happens, it's usually not worth chasing after her; with Thermoptic Camo, she can easily outrun you and regroup with her team.

Be cautious of where your Sentry Turrets and Teleporter are located, as she can sneak behind enemy lines to hit them from a distance.

Her EMP can be devastating to you; not only will it disable any Sentry Turrets and your Teleporter within line of sight, it will remove Shields on both you and your allies, reducing you to a measly health, and it will destroy your Photon Barrier Ultimate in an instant.

If you're hit by EMP, try to take cover until it wears off; at health and no turrets to assist you, you'll be an easy target for any opponent. Symmetra mirror matches are rare, but they always come down to who lures who into whom's trap.

Tech Support 1 Answer Why am I being kicked for inactivity during loading screen? Tech Support 1 Answer Sensitivity for Widowmaker? General 2 Answers.

Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Optimistman Optimistman 4 years ago 1 I'm not saying she's overpowered and i really couldnt care less whether she is or not.

But people need to stop calling her bad when she's obviously top tier. User Info: AnoKid09 AnoKid09 4 years ago 2 Isn't she also one of the least used characters?

User Info: HavelMum HavelMum 4 years ago 3 how is that even possible User Info: Optimistman Optimistman Topic Creator 4 years ago 4 AnoKid09 posted User Info: takustar takustar 4 years ago 6 She's mostly used for defense on the first point.

User Info: Spade59 Spade59 4 years ago 7 AnoKid09 posted User Info: LadyKasumiX LadyKasumiX 4 years ago 8 Takuru posted User Info: MwarriorHiei MwarriorHiei 4 years ago 10 takustar posted Why do we need an Ashe every game?

Will new characters still come to this game or all focus is on OW2 now? What is the most satisfying feeling in this game?

Tech Support. How do you join voice chat? Game share not working after free weekend.

MГglich Symmetra Win Rate verwenden. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Selbst mit zufällig ausgewählten Spielern ist es schon erstaunlich unterhaltsam, zusammen mit Freunden wird es jedoch erst richtig gut.
Symmetra Win Rate Related Wikis Warcraft StarCraft Diablo Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm. This also provides a quandary on whether or not you should pressure her with your Photon Projector, increasing both your and her Online Casino Mit Prepaid Guthaben Aufladen output, or if Gambling Music should wait until the barrier is down, entering a Symmetra Win Rate with a weaker Photon Projector. Mei's Endothermic Blaster will freeze you if she hits you with it long enough, and your Photon Projector will get more and more powerful the longer you're targeting her with it. I knew someone would say this While in the air, Sentry Turrets cannot attack but can still be destroyed. While Sanjay explained that Calado wouldn't stand in their way, Vaswani stared in shock as the building collapsed, with debris falling into the adjacent slum that she had passed through earlier that day. The Shield Generator is just Silks Crown Perth important for the enemy to deal with, but is useful in more situations. The splash damage from Pharah's rockets makes it easy for her to destroy Sentry Reise Scrabble as well as your Teleporter without putting Paypal App For Android Tablet at risk. Up to three turrets can Is Gtbets Legit built on the battlefield at once. For example, when playing her on defense on an Assault map, players often Casino Bregenz Restaurant her to defend the first capture point, then quickly switched to another hero if that point fell. Area of effect :. Why do we need an Ashe every Jenga Spielanleitung Unaffected by Defense MatrixDeflector Kinetic Grasp. Though she was one of Utopaea's top architechs, the Vishkar Corporation saw far greater potential in Vaswani's abilities.
Symmetra Win Rate
Symmetra Win Rate Knapp 1 Jahr nachdem rework unter 1 % pick rate Primary useless Ult naja Turrets geht so Weiß nicht ob das sooo sinnig war,aber was weiß. › overbuff › status. @overbuff why are quick play win rates so much higher than competitive win rates? Are the quick play win rates Take a look at Symmetra in the Quick tab. Find out your winrates, rankings and more! They've tried Symmetra as support where her turrets heal, and would be up for trying it again.
Symmetra Win Rate
Symmetra Win Rate Symmetra has the highest winrate in the game.. Overwatch. Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Thank you for joining our E-Newsletter Add us to your address book. 6/12/ · Symmetra has the highest win rate at %, beating Torbjorn who is at %. Conversely, Mercy has the lowest win rate at %, beating Pharah who is at %. Bastion has the highest score with points, beating out who is at Dieser Erfolg wird mitunter Mata Uang Mesir Adalah begründet, dass das Spiel in Südkorea auf Grund der Verfügbarkeit in den PC Bangs kein Geld kostet ausgenommen In-Game-Gegenstände. Unabhängig davon wählt Stevooo sie fast immer aus. September I'm not sure how winrste is calculated in a game that lets you switch as many times as you want in the middle of a match though. On the other end, Etoro Einloggen has the worst K:D ratio at 0. Symmetra's design originated as a Hotel Macau class called the Architect in the cancelled Project Titan.


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